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IMP Series - Industrial Mechanical Pressure Gauges

The Industrial Mechanical Pressure Gauges are measuring devices constructed from high quality materials, by the highest quality standards and methods. The IMP gauges guaranties long lasting usability with high durability for in-door and out-door industrial, process and instrumentation applications.
During the centuries many techniques to measure pressure have been developed. Each technique has different advantages and disadvantages, in aspects of: range, accuracy, sensitivity, durability, and dynamic response.

The most old measurement device, is the liquid column, which is a vertical tube filled with mercury. It was invented by Evangelista Torricelli in 1643 and it is known also as the “Manometer”.

Today there is a wide range of pressure measurement devices in the market: mechanical devices, electronic devices and transmitters. Ham-Let IMP gage is a mechanical pressure measurement device used for various industrial needs, such as control rooms and maintenance stations.  
Ham-Let IMP gauges are based on the Bourdon Tube principal. The Bourdon Tube is a "C" shaped tube that tends to straighten when it is pressurized. The "C" shape of the Bourdon Tube is aimed to magnify the strain of the tube material. Eugene Bourdon invented and patented his gauge in France in 1849. Since then the Bourdon Tube was strongly adopted due to its unique linearity, sensitivity, and accuracy.

The animation on the left shows how does the Bourdon Tube work. As the tube is pressurized, it intends to straighten. The change in the tube and the movement of the tube's end are minor, but the link to the Sector Gear mechanizm, magnifies the small movements of the tube to a large circular movement of the pointer, over the gauge scale.

When the pressure is released, the material elasticity cuase the tube to return to its original posiotion.
Selecting a Pressure Gauge for your application
Selecting the proper gauge to withstand application pressures, temperature, media chemical effects and environmental conditions is a prime concern for the system engineer. The EN 837-2 or ASME B40.1 standard should be considered as guidelines for proper selection. For assistance in matching proper pressure gauge for your application please consult Ham-let local representative.

Introducing the Product Range
HAM-LET Engineering
General Use
General Use pressure gauges series guarantee long usability and durability for indoor, outdoor and harsh surroundings industrial, instrumentation and process applications.
HAM-LET Engineering
Safety Pattern
Safety Pattern pressure gauges series is a have duty pressure gauges with special case and laminated safety glass window delivering a safer usage for the end system user.
HAM-LET Engineering
Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty pressure gauges series is design to be used in industrial, instrumentation and process applications that requires long durability with accuracy and easy maintainability.
HAM-LET Engineering
Process pressure gauges is a have duty pressure gauges with special thermoplastic safety case for process industries, chemical, petro-chemical, gas and oil, power plant application.
HAM-LET Engineering
Low Pressure
Low Pressure pressure gauges series are gaseous media positive and negative low pressures measurement devices with long usability and durability for instrumentation and process applications.

Scale selection and load limits
general recommendation for working
measured pressure to be in the range
of 25-65% for dynamic pressures and
25-65% for steady pressures out of
the maximal dial range.
HAM-LET Engineering
Product Features
Nominal case sizes: 40, 50, 63, 100, 115, 160 mm (1½”, 2”, 2½”, 4”, 4½”, 6”).
Pressure, Vacuum and Compound measuring ranges.
Pressure ranges of:
0-1 incH2O up to 0-250 incH2O (0-2.5 mbar up to 0-600 mbar), 0-10 up to 0-15,000 psi (0-0.6 up to 0-1600bar) and above.
Accuracy of ± 0.5/1/1.6/2.5 % of span (EN 837-1 Class 1/1.6/2.5, ASME B40.1 Grade 1A/2A /B/C)
Manufactured in accordance to EN 837 and ASME B40.1 standards.
All wetted parts made of 316L Stainless Steel (Alloy 400 as an option).
Ham-Let Tub stub and Face seal or standard threads for process connection.